Your Questions About Martial Arts Style Used By Jason Bourne

by Scott

Robert asks…

Kali/Eskrima in the Bourne movies?

In the special features on the DVD’s of the Bourne movies they talk about the martial arts and fighting styles used by Jason Bourne, and they say its mostly Kali and some Jeet Kune Do. My question is this: Every time I look up Kali or see it on TV (Fight Quest, Human Weapon) they show the knife/stick fighting side of the art. I know Kali is known for its knife fighting techniques, but Jason Bourne uses a lot of disarms, locks, traps and strikes, he doesn’t fight with knives.

So is there a specific branch of Kali/Eskrima that focuses on those hand to hand combatives? Or is he just using other martial arts techniques?

Scott answers:

Kombatan, Panuntukan, and Dirty boxing ,also yaw-yan (a Filipino style of Muay thai fighting)to name a few. There are many branches but ultimately all FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) ends up being empty hand( the stick is the extension of the hand).

FMA is not just weapons, i suggest to research more about it.Do not rely on the answers here, you are being misled.

Hope you find the truth.

Richard asks…

What Martial Arts Style is suited for me?

I want to learn a martial arts style that includes moves that are using the opponents attacks against themselves and finding breaks in a defense or attack, something like Wing Chun. i don’t care if it would look elegant or not. But I’m sure i don’t want a style that is like Boxing. I wouldn’t use MM to fight everyday i want to learn it just for myself to know. I’m very new at this but I’m prepared to practice a style suited for me for 3-5 years.

please suggest ANYTHING, the longer the better even, THANKS =)

Scott answers:

Filipino Kali, Jason Bourne uses it in the bourne movies, But it would be almost imossible to learn it.

Karate is kind of like this, its pretty much impossible to use a full speed punch against someone, especially if it is an adult, however in karate, you just counter, and beat them up, that is the closest you will get to the hollywood stuff kid.

William asks…

Are there any martial art gyms that focus more on disabling someone, rather than for sport?

I am not saying I want to walk around disabling people, but when it is time to defend yourself, these martial arts do things for the sport you could not use in an actual fight (because they are too fancy to pull off in an actual fight). I am leaning more toward the special forces hand to hand combat training. However, I dont want to join SF just to lean the hand to hand training. Is there any gym that does not specify in MMA or sport, but rather straight up, throws, slipping pnches, throat shots slams and ect. Basically HARDCORE Judo, Jujitsu, and Wrestling ect, not something you’d try and use in a cage match. Things people can actually use in a fight. I mean, I was watching on the news that a U.S. Air Force blue beret was approached by a kick boxing[muay thai] state champ or something, and the Blue beret guy warned him not to further his aggression, but he didn’t listen and got knocked out, a broken elbow and dislocated shoulder. Who and where teaches this real stuff? Military style fighting is far better than all this karate nd kung fu crap.

I have been looking for a good gym like this here in Lexington, Kentucky. I know i’m not going to be anyone like Jason Bourne, but im just trying to explain where im coming from..
I forgot to mention that I took kung fu, but the defence and offence isnt that great…. So i would like to stay away from all the karate and kung fu and all the things that require a black bent to use in a street fight.
Does any martial art center teach Military “Combatives”? I mean, there has to be someone who’s went through all the military hand to hand training and loved it so much that when he got out, decided to teach it to the public…

Scott answers:

Wow, I hate to tell you this but the “military style of fighting” is called “combatives” and there are several different styles of it, so have fun with finding a good one. The other thing is that combatives comes from systems like Karate & Kung-Fu also combatives has the opposite problem as conventional MA.

You see most martial arts drill you on the basics to develop the skill need to get to the real fighting techniques; I know thats BS. Combatives gives you the effective stuff but doesn’t drill you on anything to develop skill, and that is a different type of BS; being able to know how to crush someone’s throat with one strike but not having the skill needed to do so.

So here is as good as it gets;
A video course on Jujitsu designed specifically for “streetfighting” and self-defense on youtube

And the courses handbook on scribd

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to look for…

Steven asks…

what type of fighting style?

What type of fighting styles do the movie characters such as
Batman, Avengers Black Widow, Jason Borne use?

What marshal art branch from? Is it a more advanced version of karate/Taekwondo/Kung fu?

Scott answers:

Batman – in Batman Begins and Dark Knight they used Keysi Fighting Method

Avengers Black Widow – most of it was Lucha-libre

“karate, judo, aikido, savate, boxing, lucha-libre style wrestling and multiple styles of kung fu”

Jason Bourne is Filipino Kali/Escrima

One Martial Art style isn’t more advanced then another martial art style, it’s just diffrent, because people are diffrent it works out, diffrent people are better at one style, then other styles, you just try to find a style that fits for you.

George asks…

What is a good martial arts for me to take up?

I know this question gets asked a lot, but I have a certain context in which I ask this question. Ok, so I have taken karate and am a purple belt. Now I feel that having different stances and routines is good, but I need something with practicality not that karate isn’t good but I need something better. I am planning on going into law enforcement and I am seeking a martial art that would be beneficial. As well I want an art that has quick strikes effective and fast take downs. Not that I plan on being like Jason Bourne lol, but I would like to have something to those regards where if someone were to come at me I can disable them quickly. Please help me out because not only do I want a martial art that is fun and very practical and useful for me, but I want something that if I had to depend on it would save my life when I needed it. I know there are many styles and there are strengths and weaknesses to all, I just hope that whoever answers will be sincere and give an honest straightforward answer. Thanks.

Scott answers:

I would suggest Krav Maga. It is quick to learn, and practical to use. Its training methods are what really impresses me. It trains for real-life scenarios. Many police agencies around the globe employ this system of self-defense for day-to-day use. It will train you in striking, grappling, and weapon disarms. And since law enforcement personnel are bound by rules of engagement, Krav Maga can be tailored to suit that need without compromising your safety.

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