The Fighting Art of the Bourne Series

by Scott

The Bourne conspiracy.

Not many people realize that fight choreographer of the of the Bourne supremacy in the Bourne identity actually choreographed fight scenes and the fighting style of Jason Bourne in the Bourne conspiracy.

  This gentleman’s name was Jeff Imada who graduated from the in Inosanto  Academy of martial arts.  He was also the best friend of Bruce Lee.

 Contrary to popular belief, Jason Bourne did not practice Krav Maga in the Bourne identity or in any of the Bourne movie.

When Jeff Imada demonstrated Kali to Doug Liman and Matt Damon, Doug Liman loved the way that Kali was very calm, cool and collected.

He made a decision that that was how Jason Bourne was going be in the movies.

So the style actually carried over or a heavily into the Jason Bourne character. 

He can see evidence of this in the first Bourne movie and Bourne identity, and Liman even says word for word what I just told you.

Kali is a fighting art that is very economical and is very deadly at the same time. 

It doesn’t waste time taking someone down in trying to ground and pound them to death

This fighting style was born, and also modified into times when there were guns and there weren’t just swords.

Kali is still considered one of the deadliest arts around and is used by elite government agencies everywhere around the world.  Not only does it include knives, sticks, staffs, but it also includes improvised weapons.

As Jason Bourne evidenced heavily in the film.

So if you’re looking for a new style that has to do with reality, then Kali is the one you want to go with.


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