The Bourne Identity Martial Art Revealed by Hillsboro Martial Art School Owner

by Scott

The martial art used in the Bourne Identity is Kali or Filipino Martial arts.

The director was impressed with a demo run by Jeff Imada and so was Matt Damon.

They liked the activity and the amount of calmness they had while they executed their techniques.

So they decided that this would be Jason Bourne’s primary style and actually affected the whole film.

This is why Jason Bourne is depicted as being calm under fire and in circumstances when other people would freak out.

There is only one person I know of who actually teaches like this, and this is Paul Vunak. He is the legendary trainer of the Navy SEALs (and he has proof, take a look at it for yourself by clicking the underlined link here.)

He taught me to keep my cool until it was time to end the fight, and when it was time to end the fight, you do it quickly.

So if you want to learn the Kali of the Bourne Identity (Jeff Imada and Paul Vunak both came from the Inosanto Academy).

Then fill out your information below.

I’ll show you all the secrets to fighting and getting fit like Jason Bourne in my Hillsboro martial arts school.


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Nick November 13, 2011 at 2:44 am

I wish to learn more about taking kali lessons from your school.

Scott December 5, 2011 at 5:50 am


What’s the best way to contact you? You got buried under spam comments and I just found this today.

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