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Hillsboro Martial Arts teacher Scott Buendia with Frank Shamrock of Shamrock MMA or Mixed Martial Arts
I started my life as a karate kid.  I watched the movies and I loved the fights in movies, so I started training.  I loved it, but this was quickly ruined by my brothers and sisters who told me I would get a tape worm if I ran outside, and guess what happened when I was asked to run outside, I freaked, and never went back again (thanks family. By the way, don’t worry, I won’t ask you to run outside barefoot, and I promise that sanitation isn’t a big issue in my Hillsboro martial arts school).

Anyway, it would be years before my interest in martial arts picked up again.  When I did, I plunged head long into the awesome (at least to me) art of Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s art).  And with luck, it was right next to the apartments I was living in at the time in Hillsboro! I didn’t go outside and run in the streets, and the particular style that was taught was based on street fighting (reality based martial arts).  To my surprise, I was getting a really good workout by running through the drills they made me do.  That began my headlong journey into combining realistic street martial arts with fitness and I carry that right on through into my Hillsboro martial arts school!


It took about 4 years to get the system right (some of the people I trained at the time got mad at me as I built the system, but it was worth in the end).  Although most schools have some of the equation right, none of them have it totally right. They go for broke in sparring, too much standing around practicing technique, or they don’t incorporate strength training throughout the workout/lesson.  My journey was extremely helped by MMA legend, Frank Shamrock.  In his process of certifying me to teach his Shamrock Submission Fighting method, he also showed me how to incorporate more strength into the workout. I took this information back to Hillsboro, OR, ready to build on the experience.  I was determined to build my Hillsboro martial arts school on the foundation he gave me.


I perfected my system in a class I used to run at the Shute Park Recreation Center called, “Ground and Pound the Fat Away” and taught some kids in a Hillsboro martial arts class (which was restricting the rules they (City of Hillsboro Parks and Rec) had made the teaching very difficult In this class). I made many friends, people lost weight, had fun and many of the ended up competing in grappling tournaments and fights with my training from the class (I only say this because this system works for realistic self defense, two of my girls placed 3rd and 4th in a grappling tournament where they were out weighted by at least 20lbs and had less experience than everyone by at least 6 months.  Not bad for too little women from Hillsboro, OR who 6 months prior, had never taken martial arts or even thought about competing).

Then in 2009, Shute Park laid me off, and I was out on my own, and ready to deliver my ideas to the masses.

Here’s what you get from my school:

  • How to lose weight/get fit/and build muscle at the same time
  • A safe environment to learn in where you where be encouraged instead of being made fun of by sweaty males who want to fight
  • More friends, because you will be sweating together, laughing together, and learning together
  • It’s clean, some gyms hate to clean the mats and have the ears to prove it
  • Highly Effective martial arts used by government agencies, Navy |Seals, and law enforcement officials
  • The same martial arts techniques used by championship MMA fighters
  • I’m going to give you the secrets that got me really good very quickly, and gave me the edge on people who train at least 76% more than I do (gym/mat rats who train all day) and allows me compete effectively with people who outweight me by 100 lbs or more.
  • Plus, I’m gonna tell you how I tap my friends out (most days, I have bad days too) AND all the secrets martial arts legends like: Frank Shamrock, Paul Vunak, and Ron Balicki have taught me.
  • Also, guess what? I’m local, I’m right here in Hillsboro, OR, and not some far off place across the country, and I’m a living breathing human, not a belt factory that has to lie to you about what styles I teach (watch who you train with, most people have never fought on the street, and have especially never fought in a cage in Hillsboro or anywhere else with their watered down Hillsboro martial arts).

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the media says about me, what my customers says about me, and check out what the results of my customers in tournaments say about me below:

Check out the results of these two women with only 6-8 months training with me and being outweighed by at least 20 lbs in the last Subleague tournament (they placed 3rd and 4th, Aimee would have gotten 2nd if she could have finished the leg lock she had)

Hillsboro Martial Arts Women Aimee and Julieanne kicking butt at the Hillsboro, OR Sub League

See what the local media says about me and my work with teens and youth:

the Oregonian


Beaverton Valley Times news

What the Beaverton Times has to say about this Hillsboro Martial Arts instructor

Stephanie Stricklen’s blog – KGW News Reporter

KGW's Stephanie Stricklen quotes Hillsboro Martial Arts school owner Scott Buendia in her blog

Check out the testimonials of my own clients below:

Scott is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to exercise, stretching, martial arts and more. I feel energized after working out with Scott and I always look forward to our next training session together. – Wendee B., Hillsboro, OR

Scott taught me to punch correctly and efficiently, so efficiently that when I competed against my friends on a machine that tested how much power someone has, I beat them all! I beat a 270 guy and I’m 190 and he even ran at the bag then punched, but I still hit harder than him with my right hook standing still! – Matt Placer, City of Hillsboro employee

Each class is different. Scott goes at a good pace and explains the reasons behind the exercise.- Bobby – City of Hillsboro, Parks and Rec participant

Never the same workout. Always explains what the process is for. Works out the whole body. Fantastic Teacher. – Sue, Hillsboro fitness fanatic

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Class Times:

Monday through Thursday – 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Hillsboro BJJ, Hillsboro MMA, Jeet Kune Do at RealisticTrainingWorks.com LLC

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